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The Gate Automation Company (NI) Ltd


Secure your home with our selection of residential gates and railings. We have a large selection of bespoke metal and wooden gates for you to choose from and to fit your home. These gates and railings will offer;

Security – This will stop trespassers from having easy access to your property. It will also prevent and deter vandals from damaging your home or your cars kept on your drive way and keep objects in your garden, shed or garage safe from theft or damage.

Investment – A stylish and secure gate will make your house more alluring for potential future buyers and raise the value in general.

Comfort – A gate will offer you comfort, knowing that your property and family are safe and secure. Gates will also prevent your children having easy access to busy roads around your property and stop them from wandering too far away from the house.

Convenience – Even though you may feel that a gate will slow you down in a rush, you'll be surprised with the ease and speed of opening and closing your electric gates using a remote control. The gate will also close automatically behind you.

These gates paired with our CCTV and Access Control products should keep your property and family safe and sound.

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Metal Gates
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Metal sliding gate
Wooden gate
Wooden swing gate
Wooden garage door
Metal swing gate
Metal swing gate
Metal swing gate
Wooden swing gate