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Traditionally, the whole essence of having electric gates is that the passage of the vehicle through the gateway is a pleasurable experience without the drudge of having to stop both sides of the gateway and get out of the vehicle twice, to open and close the gates. Our remote controls are not infra-red or ultrasonic, they are radio remote controls, eliminating the need to actually point them at the gates. They are set at the approved UK frequency of 433Mhz and are state of the art.

The remote controls are battery operated and will generally last for about a year in normal residential use. The range of distance from which the gates can be opened is normally never less than 50m (as long as the tuned antenna is fitted to maximise the reception).

CAME Remotes

Digital Keypads

The simple task of pressing a series of numbers into a metallic keypad situated at the gateway is a secure way to allow authorised friends, family or other “bonafide” visitors to enter through the electric gateway. They will not need to carry any keys or cards and thereby will not run the risk of losing them. They are tamperproof and have secondary data information circuit boards which are installed away from the keypad itself; this means they cannot be forced open and the wiring short-circuited to open the gates.

The CAME range of keypads are designed to work in conjunction with CAME control equipment and are finished in an attractive yet hard-wearing stainless steel finish.

CAME Remotes

Digital Keyswitches

Traditionally, the key has been the method of opening a secure entrance and the keyswitch provides exactly the same method by which an authorised key holder can switch the gates to open electrically. The keys are an orthordox type of cylinder key and extra keys can be cut locally at a qualified locksmith. The keyswitch has a metallic finish, giving a stylish, but strong appearance. A keyswitch is often combined with other forms of switching at the gateway.

CAME Keyswitches


With a wide range of modular accessories available from BPT we allow customers to adapt intercom units to suit their specific needs. By combining modules together, a system as simple as a single button or as complex as a multiple button with video, coded access or proximity sensor activation can be assembled.

BPT Door Entry Systems
The Gate Automation Company (NI) Ltd

Activation Accessories

The Gate Automation Co. (N.I.) LTD have the experience and products to offer a complete solution that works with your family or business' daily routine.

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