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The Gard 3 barrier series have benn engineered to manage exits and entrances up to 2.75 m wide, the barriers are designed for intesive traffic flows thanks to a series of features that make them especially sturdy and reliable.

The modern-design makes it easy to integrate it in any architectural context. The oval or round-shaped barrier arm reduces the sail effect, typically found in windy conditions.

Gard3 Parking Barrier Brochure

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Gard3 Barrier


For road widths up to 3.6 Metres, Gard4 is engineered to manage vehicle access in public and commercial car parking situations.

Soft profiles and rounded corners counteract the sail effect in a barrier that integrates perfectly into a variety of installation contexts.

Gard4 Parking Barrier Brochure

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Gard3 Parking Barrier


Designed for larger road widths up to 7.6m (25 ft), the Gard8 series of barriers are the ideal solution for control of access to roads and parking areas in industrial and public settings.

The Gard8 series is available in the 230V A.C. motor and the 24V D.C motor versions. Available on request, a stainless steel cabinet can be utilised for installations where high durability is important, such as in coastal areas with high salt content in the air.

Gard8 Parking Barrier Brochure

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Gard8 Parking Barrier


Gard12 is the ideal solution for controlling car and lorry parks, work passage areas, loading bays, cargo terminals, motorways and all other applications where fast, safe automation is necessary for large roadways.

Gard12 Parking Barrier Brochure

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Gard12 Parking Barrier
The Gate Automation Company (NI) Ltd

Parking Barriers

Parking barriers are one of the most sought after types of automation for controlling the vehicle traffic in public car parks, private entrances, and blocks of flats.

The CAME range includes both 230V A.C. and 24V D.C. models, and a special stainless steel version when corrosion might be an issue. Any type of throughway can be controlled, from small, narrow passages with quick barriers, to very wide passages of up to 12 m / 39'4" of net span.

A vast range of dedicated accessories is also available, all designed to complement the system even when special requests are involved, such as with jointed arms or anti-panic systems

Installed parking barrier